24 January 2012

Currently on Tap @ AJ's Club Soda

Sam Adams Alpine Spring

Victory Golden Monkey

Breaker Lunch Pail Ale,

Three Guys and a Beer'd Ladder Dive Rye IPA,

Steg IPA,

Sam Adams Boston Lager,

Founders Centennial IPA,

Blue Moon,

Sam Adams Cherry Wheat,

Yuengling Lager,


Miller Lite,


Anonymous said...

How come no dog fish?

mybeerbuzz said...

Actually Anon....DFH was on tap @ AJ's up until recently and I'm sure it will be back again.....which DFH beer do you like?

Anonymous said...

used to be a better beer destination....what happened?

mybeerbuzz said...

What happened to what anon?? The beer list looks pretty good to me.